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We are a group of musicians with great devotee and interest in music. This led us to form a group named Nirvana Musical Suppliers. Here, our main aim is to supply various kinds of musical instruments in wholesale rate as well as retail rate to the ones having interest in music. Our sales include guitar, violin, pianica, flute, drums, keyboard, harmonica, cazon etc and many more. Being a musician, we select the best quality guitars in and out of the country and sell them in reasonable price. Now, we have designed our own products which will be in the market soon. Our products are legend products. Legend product includes legend guitar, legend violin, legend ukulele and legend pianica. And we will be back soon with other various legend products to make our customers satisfied with us.

As our saying music is life. Music is a companion in life in any condition, in any mood and in any situation. By feeling this, we tried to meet the requirements of customers from music point. This made us handshake with the musical institute named Modes Institute. This is a institute where we recommend our customers with hand full of discounts. And for fulfilling the requirements of musical instruments, we handshaked with Sound Tech Music Store. This made us able to provide the better quality musical instruments in reasonable price to our customers.

    Our variety of services includes:

  • Providing musical instruments in wholesale and retail rate
  • Providing musical instruments and sound system in rental agreement
  • Provide recommendation for various classes
  • Provide repair and maintenance services on musical instruments